High End To Low End: Make Up Edition

Okay, Foundation vs. moisturizer, tinted at that. My mom bought this thinking she would like it. Nope, thus I got my sticky hands on this beauty. I have worn it a few times and I do enjoy my self a high-end fashionable make up foundation.

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Feature Outfits: A Week of Style

Hey Y’all,

I wanted to start a couple of new series on the BBB so here is one of them. I am kind of excited to start cataloging my favorite outfits. Read More

I guess, I am Back?

So the last few months I have remained silent for a lot of reasons. Well today I am ready to tell you kind of why. So, my story with this actually starts when I was born. But I am not going to tell you the road to how this all began I am going to tell you about how this came about.

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