About Me


About Me


Hey Y’all,

My name is Christina Loveless I am a North Texas native, who is currently living in Houston Texas. I love coffee and tea, and my beautifully sweet boarder collie Pit Bull mix named Athena. I am 24 years old, currently a Public Relations college student.

I am into all things fashion and makeup. And I love to write (as you can see) I began thinking about writing as a career when I was just a wee little senior in high school.(I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, but that’s a whole other story) And eventually landed a job as an Editorial assistant at a magazine in a small town just outside of Fort Worth, There I started off as a intern with little to no experience, and then I was a hired employee in December 2014. I left there in February 2016 to be closer to school.

While writing at the magazine it taught me so much more than just writing.It taught me about dedication and to be your self, and I learned exactly that that was. And for that I am extremely grateful, not only for the experience but for the amazing memories.


I began doing you tube to add something different to my blog. And I must say as challenging as it’s been its been a great learning experience for me, I have learned so much from editing to creating and to filming. (Eventually I will get a actual camera, until then filming from my computer will have to do) It’s pushed me from my comfort zone and has taught me about public speaking and helping me learn to speak clearly and slowly, oh! and to be more confident as well. It’s been an amazing experience. One I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I began this as a side thing, or a hobby and now it is so much more. And I cant imagine anything else more wonderful! I have learned to be more confident, allowed me to be more creative, challenged my creativeness. To think outside of the box. And falling in love with writing all over again.

I want to say thank you for coming to my blog and checking it out. It really means a lot!

Christina Loveless





Facts About Christina:

  • I Grew up in a small town just right out side of Ft.Worth. So you could say I am a Ft.Worth Native.
  • Growing up I would write, just for fun. Never thought of it as a career, until junior year of high school and when senior year came It dawned on me that, Its something I really enjoy and something I am actually good at.
  • I love reading… I just wish I had more time for it. Harper Lee is my favorite author. (yes I pre-ordered her book.)
  • Currently I am living in Houston Texas.
  • I also have a soft spot for fashion. I want to dive more in to the fashion world.
  • I rescued Athena from the Ft.Worth Animal Shelter in December 2015. She is my best friend. Quite literally. We do almost everything together.

Thank you for coming to my page.

Christina Loveless

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All About The BBB!

In March 2016 I began this journey of blogging as a way to add a little bit of positive in my life, and a way to add a little but of positive to others life’s as well. I grew up loving to be creative, I was in drill team in high school but fell in love with writing.

After my paid internship-esk ended in February 2016 I wanted to continue to write, my roommate at the time told me it would be a great idea. Thus the Beautiful Brunette Blog was created.

I create content that I hope inspires others to be outgoing and confident. That’s what the Beautiful Brunette Blog is all about. Being creative, outgoing and confident. So grab that latte and your pooch and lets go shopping. 

“A Wise Women Skips The Stock Market And Invest In Her Closet”-Carrie Bradsaw, Sex and The City