Life Update// How To Get Through the Holiday Season|

Hey y’all

So I meant to write this Monday night but passed out basically all day. So I am currently writing this the day it goes up. I am a little nervous to say this, but I currently no longer work as a lifeguard. A few personal things came up and my mother and I both decided it was in our best interest that I no longer work there. I also decided I will not go into any detail in this in a blog post now or in the future. And as of a job, that is also not going to be talked about right now.

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Retail Guide: How To Survive Black Friday


Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

Who here has never worked a black Friday before? Who here has worked it and is totally scared?

Good news, I have worked plenty of them and I have some tips and tricks to help you survive the dreaded holiday starter known as black Friday.

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Lemon Pepper Chicken + Berry Smoothie//#ChristinasCreations (Video)


Hey Y’all

An actual step by step recipe is coming for this. So this page will be updated eventually. I just didn’t have time to write it step by step this week. This is my first cooking video. And it’s a little choppy (no pun intended XD) anyways This is my favorite meal I make for my self. And the first meal I made for my self here in my apartment!

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