Story Time: How I broke and saved a candle.


Hey Y’all,

The last blog post I made was in December. DECEMBER?! I had to take a break for some personal stuff but I am now back and ready to go and start making videos and blogging for you all.

A couple of months ago (back before Christmas)I bought a candle, and when I got my new bed somehow it broke. By falling on the floor in my room. Needless to say it was a bath and body works candle. I kept the candle with the idea that it was still salvageable. Or I could use it somehow.

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New Year, New Set Of Goals.

2016 is finally over! What a year, probably one of the hardest and most horrible years for a lot of people, my self included. So I want to take this time to write down my new year’s goals. And I figured I would share them with you all.

But first a little announcement, I am not attending school this spring semester, *GASP* I am taking a semester off and I will be going back in the spring mini/summer time. And will be going to school next fall. This wasn’t an easy decision but there are some personal matters that I need to attend too first before finishing my degree. However do not worry I will finish my degree!

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Christmas Question And Answer


Hey Y’all

I was searching for holiday questions and stumbled upon this website that I linked in the downbar of the video, I also will link it here. This was really fun to film and the questions were really fun to answer! Go check out this page!

Christina Loveless


Life Update// How To Get Through the Holiday Season|

Hey y’all

So I meant to write this Monday night but passed out basically all day. So I am currently writing this the day it goes up. I am a little nervous to say this, but I currently no longer work as a lifeguard. A few personal things came up and my mother and I both decided it was in our best interest that I no longer work there. I also decided I will not go into any detail in this in a blog post now or in the future. And as of a job, that is also not going to be talked about right now.

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