A Study Playlists for the College Student.



Hey Y’all

So, I am hoping you are enjoying your week. This week I think I am going to only post two things this week, The video and the post. (since its Thursday and all.) But I am wiring this on Sunday.

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Where Have I Been?// My Planner Routine


Hey Y’all,


So, School started. And it has lead me to be super busy through the past few weeks. So I am struggling to find time to write a blog posts and film videos. I have an idea for my 1-year blogaversary (which isn’t till April 2017 might I add) And I have it written.

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20 Things You May Not Know About Me

Hey y’all

So incredibly sorry that I have been MIA, I have been mega busy, Anyways Part two of the moving vlog is live! And I have an announcement! I have a twitter and a instagram directly for this blog! I will be posting on there, and I want to hear from you guys! I will have a link for them here on my blog.

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